Latin is an interesting language. Many say it is a dead language, but I really like how Latin sounds and really particularly love the Latin used in the responsories of the tenebrae services during lent. 

Christifidelis essentially means Christ’s faithful. Followers of Christ. I have had the great honour over the past few months to work with two fantastic organisations, who have some of the dearest Christifidelis. I have learned much and have even contributed some, to both of these organisations as secretary on boards to each of them.

As a not-for-profit organisation (and yes, they will soon be registered charities!), you are required to have a board of directors who are tasked with making sure that the organisation sticks to what it was set up to do. The board does not, of course, get involved in doctrine or dogma, because that is the work of those who run the ministry of the organisations. 

The job of the board is to be transparent to the outside world and direct the actions, and not the beliefs, of the ministry. That allows the clergy and members of each of the organisations to do the work they are called to do in their communities. 

The board is tasked with, among a zillion other things, making sure that the financials are taken care of (yes, there is a treasurer and I’m glad that isn’t me!), which includes ensuring that the financials are audited at least annually.

The board is also tasked with, along with the clergy, confirming and publishing the canons (aka bylaws). Whenever the canons are confirmed at Synod (annual meeting), they must again be sent to the government to ensure all is above board.

As a member of these two boards, I have had the great privilege and honour to work with a fabulous archbishop, a lovely priest, a couple of delightful deacons, a fantastic lay pastor, a couple of outstanding former Alliance pastors and an actual current Baptist pastor (who rides a motorcycle and whose father was also a Baptist pastor and is an amazing painter!).

The Baptist pastor is actually doing some YouTube videos on the journey of a Baptist Pastor, whose son comes out as gay. He’s lovely and so is his ministry. I never thought I might pop into a Baptist service, but my connections in the community have drawn me to some interesting places!

What wonderful opportunities these relationships have afforded me and I continue to work with both groups to watch their ministries grow.

Stay tuned to my blog to see more details on these two great ministries. I think the next blog will be my balloon story that one of these ministries prompted me to write.

Stay well everyone!

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