It has been a very long time since I blogged, but it’s about time I got back to it!

I have been trying to get my website set up in WordPress for over a year. I did have it on Weebly for a number of years, but Cavan wanted to move off that, therefore I also needed to, as well. 

I finally set aside some time and sat down about a month ago, going through some online training and since then have finally got the basic pages out there and even loaded up my page about my books (score!).

But enough about my procrastination. I just had a delightful Wednesday drive with my honey, on an A&W tour around our area. We do have an A&W here in Cobourg, but it was a bit disappointing. They didn’t even have donation mugs and the manager was not even wearing the Burgers to Beat MS shirt! The three in Trenton (one location right in Trenton, the other two at the eastbound and westbound OnRoutes), all had 2 donation mugs and everyone had their Burgers to Beat MS on! One location actually had quite a bit of cash in both mugs! Yay team!!

My trip was to thank them in person for participating, although yes, we did actually have lunch at one location!

This is a fantastic MS fundraiser. Despite the pandemic, it raised $1.3 million in 2020 and our goal for this, our 13th year, is $1.5 million. I know that with some great enthusiasm, we can knock that out of the park! There are over 100 locations across Canada and MS is very prevalent here, north of the 49th parallel. I have lived with MS for over 27 years myself.

I have been pretty involved with the MS Society these days. I had been, as well, when we lived in Scarborough, but I took a break for a few years. I eventually joined the support group here in Cobourg, well, actually two of them. In 2019, they asked me to be the spokesperson for the MS Walk, so I joined the MS Walk committee to make sure I understood not only the disease (I know lots about that!), but also the MS Walk history here in Northumberland County (I knew little about that…).

Well, I was then asked to co-chair the MS Walk Committee for 2020, and then chair (on my own, yikes!) in 2021 (that’s how they pull you back in, lol!). In amongst all that, I was asked to become a leadership volunteer (how did that happen?) and so on and so on… Oh well, a great cause to be involved in, I must admit. Stay tuned to my blog to see what else I got involved in!

It’s all good stuff, but retirement, as many have found out, can be busier than working!

So, join us all on Thursday, August 19th at your local A&W (or several throughout the day, or even the same one several times!), and support an amazing fundraiser called Burgers to Beat MS! One of many fundraisers that, with a lot of hard work and some more years of research, may actually find a cause and cure for this disease.

I should mention what you need to do, while you are A&W! Buy a Teen Burger and $2 from each Teen Burger goes to the MS Society. Not fond of the Teen Burger and still want to help out? Round up your bill for any purchase, or simply donate in the Burgers to Beat MS mug that should be there on the counter. I thank you in advance for your support!!

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